Buy Etizolam 1mg online


Buy Etizolam 1mg online

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What is Etizolam 1mg?

Etizolam is a benzodiazepine analog similar to diazepam or Valium. It works like other benzodiazepines, although it has a slightly different chemical makeup. Where benzos have a benzene ring, etizolam has a thiophene ring.

Etizolam depresses the central nervous system and animal testing seems to point toward its effectiveness as a muscle relaxer, anti-convulsion medication, sleep aid, sedative, and anti-anxiety medication.  that etizolam is six to 10 times more potent than diazepam for most of its effects. It is currently not approved for use in the United States; however, it is on the market in Japan, Italy, and India under names such as:

  • Depot
  • Pasadena

  • Etilaam

  • Etizest

  • Sedekopan

  • Etizolam

Etizolam is not regulated or controlled in the United States as an acceptable medication as of yet.

How Etizolam Is Abused

While etizolam is not on the market in America and you won’t find it in your local pharmacy or get a prescription from your doctor, you can obtain it over the Internet and through other channels. This is highly dangerous as you can never be sure what exactly you are obtaining online. Without more information and knowledge of etizolam’s potential effects, it is extremely risky to use without being under a physician’s care.

Etizolam is a tablet that is typically swallowed orally, but addicts are also known to crush and snort them. Because it is fairly new and not controlled in the United States, etizolam also contains none of the safety features to prevent abuse and tampering offered by some of the other more common and well-known prescription drugs.

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Buy Etizolam 1mg online

– Etizoalm 1mg. 500 pills cost $300., – Etizolam 1mg. 1000 pills cost $550., – Etizolam 1mg. 2000 pills cost $1000


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